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What's New


Smart Search: Patent Searching Made Easy in Thomson Innovation

Have a look at the new way to search patent information in Thomson Innovation called Smart Search. During this session you will discover how Smart Search is designed to make patent searching as easy as searching the internet. It will also explain how Smart Search can act as another tool in the armoury of experienced searchers to help them in their goal of finding all the patents relevant to their search topic.

(19:17 minutes)

Assignee Searching Using the Corporate Tree

This presentation describes the corporate tree functionality in Thomson Innovation and explains the benefits of using it to conduct comprehensive assignee searches. The presentation includes a practical example and a brief description of how to do the most comprehensive assignee search possible. (7:37 minutes)

Creating Alerts and Exporting Data on Thomson Innovation

This presentation walks you through the process of setting up an alert in Thomson Innovation. It also covers exporting data from Thomson Innovation and the various export formats available. (16:24 minutes)

Bulk Patent Downloads

Learn how to download many original patent document PDFs from a work file, result list or a list of publication numbers for yourself or for your clients. (7:54 minutes)

CPC in Thomson Innovation

The Cooperative Patent Classification scheme - a collaboration between the EPO and the USPTO - is available to search in Thomson Innovation. Learn more here.
(16:32 minutes)

Full Text Linking in LIterature Search on Thomson Innovation LIterature Search

Learn how to access the full text of articles found in Thomson Innovation Literature Search.
(6:00 minutes)

Creating Search Templates in Thomson Innovation

Maximize your searching capabilities by making templates for often-used searches.
(6:29 minutes)

Search Preferences in Thomson Innovation

Save time and create efficiencies by setting up your personal preferences for searching, record viewing, exporting and more.
(7:38 minutes)

Search Options in Thomson Innovation

Discover a variety of search forms and options for creating your queries.
(5:27 minutes)


Creating Citation Maps on Thomson Innovation

Backward and forward citations can offer insights on competitors, R&D activity and licensing opportunities. Using Citation Maps on Thomson Innovation lets you interact with this data in a variety of ways.

(8:18 minutes)

Text Clustering in Thomson Innovation

Discover ways to enhance your searches and mine patents, scientific literature and news articles using Text Clustering.
(10:01 minutes)

Reviewing Patent Records in Thomson Innovation

Learn how to quickly scan through patent records using the Quick View, mark documents that are important to you, and investigate inventions more deeply with the Full View.
(4:23 minutes)

Creating Charts in Thomson Innovation

Gain a high-level overview of your results by Charting.  Learn how to make your own custom charts.
(6:40 minutes)


Thomson Innovation Administrator Training: Learning to Use Your Administration ID

Jump into your role as a Thomson Innovation administrator with this session on registering users, creating user profiles and managing settings.
(9:04 minutes)