Derwent Data Analyzer

Add power to your data analysis by quickly uncovering strategic insights you might otherwise miss from large amounts of patent and non-patent data.

Derwent Data Analyzer (formerly Thomson Data Analyzer) offers powerful analysis and visualization capabilities for evaluating IP opportunities and risks. From your unique perspective.


Developed as a software-based analysis tool, it's designed to work with all types of structured content, for optimal data compatibility and throughput to:


  • Evaluate IP opportunities and risk. Transform large amounts of IP data into actionable reports with results that matter most to you.
  • Analyze data with greater efficiency. Easily modify data elements and get targeted results that support your specific analytical goals.
  • Create reports—exactly like you want them. Build flexible reports that are easy to share. With findings that support decisions about your IP strategy.


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With Derwent Data Analyzer, easily identify companies with:

  • Technologies similar to yours
  • Strong innovation pipelines
  • Success in securing patent protection
  • Notable university collaborations
  • Key inventors and innovation teams