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Make confident IP decisions with our trusted content, powerful analytics and expert IP services solutions. 

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Custom IP Solutions

Streamline your workflow and improve collaboration with a custom solution that provides secure access to the world’s most comprehensive and reliable patent data sources.

Derwent Data Analyzer

Add power to your data analysis by quickly uncovering strategic insights you might otherwise miss from large amounts of patent and non-patent data.

Derwent Innovation

Expedite your research and make confident IP decisions with the leading IP intelligence and collaboration platform. It combines reliable and relevant content, powerful analysis and visualization tools, and easy-to-use productivity and collaboration tools.

Derwent World Patents Index

Gain insights you might otherwise miss and make more confident IP decisions by searching the authoritative and accurate patent data in Derwent World Patents Index. (DWPI)

Westlaw Patents

Our full suite of content and tools saves you time in your legal research and gives you confidence in the results, so that you can focus on your strategy and deliver better results to your clients.

IP Services

File Histories

Save time and money with immediate access to the world's largest inventory of patent and trademark file histories.

IP Administrative Services

Save time and money by outsourcing routine IP administrative tasks to a trusted partner.

IP Education Services

Increase your product knowledge with comprehensive, valuable IP training and access to educational resources.

Patent Analytics Services

Make faster, more confident business decisions with expert patent analytics.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution Services

Secure your patents quickly and cost-effectively with trusted IP services support.

Patent Profiles

Make decisions with confidence by staying alert of global developments from sources you can trust.

Patent Search Services

Get fast, comprehensive search results from a trusted IP services provider.