Custom IP Solutions

Streamline your workflow and improve collaboration with a custom solution that provides secure access to the world’s most comprehensive and reliable patent data sources.


Thomson Reuters Custom IP Applications – Access and monitor patent data with a tailored solution that meets your specific workflow requirements. Learn more. Derwent Markush Resource – Get thorough access to the generic and specific chemical structures found in patents from the world’s most important patent authorities. Learn more.
Thomson Reuters IP Data Feeds – Receive a wide range of patent data in a single, industry-standard XML format that can be integrated with your current applications or used to construct your own database. Learn more. Derwent Patents Citation Index – View millions of patent and literature citations that have been verified for accuracy and collated at the invention level. Learn more.
Thomson Reuters IP Web Services – Search and retrieve Thomson Reuters patent data from within your in-house applications without having to store large databases. Learn more.