Patent Box Solutions

The Thomson Reuters IP Services Toolbox for the New UK Tax Regime


Thomson Reuters Patent Box Solutions provides you with the knowledge of our subject matter experts and global resources to help you navigate the new Patent Box tax regime in the UK, effective April 1, 2013.


Contact our patent experts today so you can make strategic decisions with confidence. Thomson Reuters Patent Box Solutions includes:


  • Identifying relevant patents
  • Mapping products to patents
  • Discovering gaps in product protection
  • Finding licensing opportunities

For more information, watch our pre-recorded webinar, Patent Box: Maximizing UK Tax Savings for Innovations, presented by Andrew Clay, Squire Sanders (UK) LLP and Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters to:


  • Understand the new legislation and its benefits
  • Discuss qualification requirements
  • Learn how to maximize tax savings
  • Find out how our Patent Box Solutions can help you

Trust Thomson Reuters to help you maximize corporate tax savings with Patent Box.
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