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The following materials are available for your reference:


Blueprints for Success

New: Research Chemical Compounds and Pharmacology - English

New: Evaluate Portfolios for Mergers, Acquisitions, or Licensing - English

New: Ensure Freedom to Operate for a New Invention - English

Research Patents in a Specific Technology Domain - English

Keep Aware of Changes in Your Patent Field - English

Identify License Opportunities in Your Patent Portfolio - English

Defend and Pursue Patent Litigation - English

Quickly Research Prior Art for an Invention - English

Analyze the Competitive Landscape in a Technology Space - English

Research Market Trends in a Technology Space - English


Quick Reference Cards

New: Infographic: Estimated Expiration Date - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

New: Infographic: Patent Status (Dead or Alive) - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

New: Predictive Data Provides Vital Patent Intelligence in Your Results - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

New: Key Summary Data Uncovers Critical Intelligence - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

NEW: Getting Started: DWPI - English

Save Work and Export Data With Ease - English   |  日本語  |  简体中文

Get Clear, Immediate Insight into Your ThemeScape Map - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Search Smarter with Automatic Analysis - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Quickly Review Your Results - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Focus Your Results - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Analyze and Report on Your Results - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Dashboard Quick Reference - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Search Screen Quick Reference - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文


Quick Reference Guides

New: Legal Status & Predictive Data Quick Reference Guide - English

Search History Quick Reference Guide - English

ThemeScape Quick Reference Guide - English

Assignee Searching Quick Reference - English

Litigation Information Quick Reference - English

Sharing Results Via Work Files Quick Reference - English


Tips & Tricks

Derwent Innovation Tips & Tricks - English

Derwent Innovation Tips & Tricks Archive - English


User Guides

Pro and Analyst Users - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Express Users - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文

Administrators - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文


Non-Patent Literature Guides

Derwent Innovation Literature Search Training Manual - English

Derwent Innovation New Literature Search Enhancements Quick Reference Card - English

Derwent Innovation Full Text Linking and Ordering Quick Reference Card - English


Technical Requirements

Derwent Innovation Technical Requirements - English  |  日本語  |  简体中文