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July 2017 – How to search for top patenting companies in a particular country   

The Researching assignees by geographical location can help you identify where innovation begins and who the top players are in that country. The Derwent Innovation Assignee/Applicant-Orig.-Country field, allows you to search by the original assignee/applicant’s country of origin, as determined by the address information provided by patent issuing authorities.


Note: To add the Assignee/Applicant-Orig.-Country field to your available search fields, go to My Account > Search Preferences > Fields to be available in fielded search drop down list > Move Assignee/Applicant-Orig.-Country from Available Fields to Chosen Fields


  • Populate the Assignee/Applicant-Orig.-Country field using the two-character, WIPO-standard country codes for the countries that you want to research. Learn more: WIPO Country List


  • Combine with other search parameters, such as patent classifications, dates, or keywords. Click Search.



    Tip: To search multiple countries, simply enter the selected country codes, the field will automatically enter the OR operator between the country codes for you.


    Tip: To search for top patenting companies in a specific technology domain, search this field with the appropriate patent classification codes or a Smart Search.


    Tip: To search for top patenting companies in a specific time frame or understand the country’s top market(s) and newly emerging markets, search this field with a date field (publication date, application date, or publication year.


    Tip: To search for top patenting companies who may serve as a potential academic partner, search this field with the Cited non-patents field using the University/Educational Institution


  • Once you obtain your search results, use the Results Dashboard filters to focus on the top Assignees or focus on a particular subset of the data by choosing the field that you want visualize from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of each visual. For example:



  • Investigate the results list further using custom Charts to evaluate the top patenting companies (Family Based) major areas of innovation (IPC 4-Charater) and target markets (Country Code).


    Note: To create the referenced chart, go to Charts (Bottom of Result Set) > Assignee Tab > Top Assignees (Family Based) > Edit > Secondary Field (IPC 4-Character) > Number of items for Secondary Field (Top 5) > Tertiary Field (Country Code) > Number of items for Tertiary Field (Top 5) > Click Apply.



  • Examine the full story about the country’s top markets and newly emerging research areas using ThemeScape (Analyst Users).


    Note: To create the referenced map, go to Analyze (Bottom of Result Set) > ThemeScape > Properties Tab: Name > Field Options Tab: Available Fields > Move Field Sets: Title and Abstract- English only (blue text) to Chosen Fields > Click Save.




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