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August 2017 – How to easily identify active patents in FTO searching   

Derwent Innovation is a great tool for finding all relevant documents in Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches. Now, instead of reviewing the legal status of each individual patent document, Derwent Innovation has a new time-saving feature that enables a user to restrict to just the enforceable patents that are currently active. To restrict to the active, enforceable patents, apply specific filters to your results list using the Results Dashboard as outlined below.


  1. Enter your search parameters and run your search in order to generate a patent result set.



  2. Next, you will see the results list. The Results Dashboard will be displayed, similar to the example below.



    Tip: If you do not see the Results Dashboard displayed on your results list view, activate it by clicking on the icon.


  3. Note that each Results Dashboard chart is a visual analysis displaying data from the 4 selected fields.


    Choose one of the charts (Ex: bar graph) and click on the menu button that looks like this: . The button is located beside the field name for that chart. Then, change the selected field for the chart from the options in the displayed list, selecting Grants/Apps.


  4. Select a second chart on the Results Dashboard, changing the selected field to Dead/Alive. “Dead” records are indicated in red, “Alive” records are indicated in green, and “Indeterminate” records are shown in yellow.


    Tip: Typing dead into the find box at the top of the list of fields will immediately locate this field. This should also be a bar graph.



  5. Looking at the first bar graph depicting an analysis for Grants/App, select the Grants bar by clicking on it. If Utility Models is listed on the bar graph, consider selecting this as well.


  6. Next, in the Dead/Alive chart, select the Alive and Indeterminate bars. Then, click on Filter Results button.


    Now, you have a refined list of patents to review from your FTO search.



    Tip: If you do a lot of FTO searching, consider saving the above Results Dashboard configuration (chart 1: Grant/Apps; chart 2: Dead/Alive) as your default. To do this, go to the Derwent Innovation main dashboard page for Derwent Innovation, then to My Account → Preferences → Results Set Preferences.



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