Trademark Watching

Protect your valuable brand with comprehensive watching services. We continuously monitor key sources around the world, alerting you to trademarks that may be confusingly similar to yours —so you can take action.

Patent Profiles

Make decisions with confidence by staying alert of global developments from sources you can trust.

Develop a customized search strategy with the help of knowledgeable IP experts who are skilled in searching across a wide range of industries and subject areas. Get complete, relevant information – when and how you want it with flexible delivery and design options that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Trademark Clearance Search

Form an opinion about the availability of a mark for use or registration with our comprehensive trademark searches targeting individual countries, regions or specific industries.

IP Education Services

Increase your product knowledge with comprehensive, valuable IP training and access to educational resources.

Get the specific training you need, when you need it with a flexible, convenient worldwide blended learning curriculum.

Save time on research projects by accessing informative support materials that can be shared with others.

IP Rules

Make accurate decisions about your IP portfolio with the industry's most comprehensive patent and trademark rules. 

IP Professional Services

Optimize your intellectual asset management system, including your IP processes, with our expert support. Experienced consultants provide a range of training and technical solutions that meet your strategic needs.

IP Payments

Be confident that your rights are protected worldwide with efficient, reliable patent payment and trademark renewal services.

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