IP Services Column 1

IP Administrative Services

Save time and money by outsourcing routine IP administrative tasks to a trusted partner.

Get more from your budget by outsourcing routine tasks such as docketing, paralegal support, data validation, file transfers, reassignments, post-acquisition support, patent proofreading and more. Spend more time on strategic initiatives by letting our trusted experts handle your day-to-day IP administrative needs.
Make decisions with confidence knowing that your data is accurate and IP

File Histories

Save time and money with immediate access to the world's largest inventory of patent and trademark file histories.

Patent Analytics Services

Make faster, more confident business decisions with expert patent analytics.

Ease your time and resource challenges with custom-tailored intelligence from IP experts. Get clear, customized reports on technical, competitive and industry intelligence blending reliable data and expert analysis.
Safeguard your IP assets with ongoing infringement detection support.
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